Meet neighbours Hobbs and Chris Ringland

We would like to introduce you to winemaking legend Chris Ringland’s long-time neighbours and friends: the Hobbs family.

The Hobbs story began in 1998 when winemakers Greg & Allison Hobbs had their neighbour (and outstanding winemaker!!) Chris Ringland make their first few vintages. The Hobb’s vineyard is situated at the top of the Barossa Ranges, overlooking Flaxman’s Valley. With vines over a century old, the grapes grown on this course yellow soil get richer and more distinctively Barossa-flavoured as the decades roll by.

Since then, Chris has guided their path in the winemaking game, joining them as consultant & friend on their journey to creating some of the Barossa’s best boutique wines. Greg Hobbs is now one of the few Australian winemakers to attempt an Amarone style shiraz (where the fruit is semi-dried until it is similar to raisins) to produce a richer, deeper and more complex wine.

Chris Ringland also produces iconic Barossa wine in very small batches (think 700 to 1000 bottles per year) and was once given a score of 100 Points by American wine critic Robert Parker. Combined, this dynamic duo produce some remarkable wine just oozing with rich, fruity Barassa Valley goodness.

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What is Amarone?

So what is Amarone? And what makes it so special?

Amarone is an Italian style of dry red wine, that is all about the winemaking technique. Originating in the Veneto region in North-Eastern Italy, it is traditionally known for its strong, rich, powerful flavour. This intensity comes from the drying process…

The grapes are harvested ripe, and left to dry all winter for roughly 120 days (into raisins), resulting in concentrated flavour and high sugar content. The time, resource and space required for a winery to conquer this process successfully makes this wine on the more expensive side. The wine is mostly aged in French barriques and shows flavour characteristics unlike wines made in any other style.

Greg Hobbs’ famous Australian answer to the traditional Amarone, is the Gregor Shiraz. The fruit is handpicked, semi-dried in the Amarone style – although Greg does not tend to do this for the full 120 days as this tends to take it too a sweeter, tawny flavour profile. Instead it is dried ‘to the perfect flavour’, then naturally fermented in open vats before being aged in new French Oak for 24 months. Bottled unfiltered. The wine is simply superb. The best Amarone in Australia with 93 Halliday points & a rating of 96 points from Robert Parker Wine Advocate. It would be safe to say its close to the best Amarone in the world.

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