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Your Wine & Spirits Journey

The Vendimia Experience

Our Story

Founded in 2015, Vendimia is a company dedicated to delivering fine wines and liquor products to our discerning drinkers. We use a tasting panel of wine specialists and connoisseurs to ensure every product we release is of excellent value, outstanding quality and caters to the diversity of our customers requirements.

However, what started as a purely wine based journey has now evolved into a comprehensive alcohol store offering new and exciting packs and products. With the Spirits packs, we have the same vision – to deliver value and variety that exceeds expectations.

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Customer Experience

Vendimia aims to offer customers the best possible experience – whether you are shopping at our online store or are receiving one of our incredibly valued subscriptions.

We are always interested to hear customers suggestions about products you would like us to stock. Also, customisation of mixed packs and orders is one of our specialties - simply contact us with your requirements and ideas.

Our Wine Journey

Vendimia’s wine experience is about increasing members knowledge and appreciation of fine wine. It is a journey, an adventure, an education in wine and food designed to be enjoyed equally by the eager to learn as much as those who have an understanding and love of wine.

The final wine selection has to pass through a professional tasting panel which includes Gourmet Traveller wine writer Peter Bourne. The wines are primarily the more commonly consumed – Shiraz, Cabernet and Chardonnay. Each pack includes a small selection of “Journey Wines” – wines that will expand the palate with unfamiliar regions or interesting varietals that most would not have tried.

The Wine Journey packs are delivered with our eight-page full colour newsletter – the “Harvest”. Filled with tasting notes, a professional wine writers column, food matching recipes, education articles to help you learn about wine – when to use it, different varieties, what food to serve with it, climatic & regional effects, aging and much more!