The Aperol Spritz

Posted: November 19, 2019

The story of the Spritz…

If you go pretty much anywhere in Northern Italy in summer, at about 11am you can walk past a cafe and see the splash of vibrant orange Aperol Spritz’s starting to emerge. From lunchtime onwards the splash turns to a sea of spritz filled glasses. The aperitif is being quaffed by young and old. And its not hard to catch on. The drink is refreshing, light in alcohol, summery, and just plain delicious!

The worldwide phenomenon of the delightful drink started in the early 2000’s as the Italian influence started to gain momentum. But the drink has been refining itself over centuries! Evolving from the Austrians adding a splash of water to wine in 1805, which turned to sparkling water. The base of the drink morphed from wine to fortified to liqueur. And when Aperol was born in 1919 it fast became the liqueur of choice. And the rest… is history.

An easy mix of 3-2-1.

3 parts Aperol.

2 parts prosecco.

1 splash of soda water.

Generous amount of ice.

And a slice of orange. (optional, but well worth including!)

*Tip: fill the glass with ice, and start with the prosecco, then Aperol and finish with soda. This prevents the Aperol sinking to the bottom.

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