What is terrior?

Posted: July 6, 2017

What is terrior?

The winemaking term terroir (pronounced “tare wah” ) is derived from the Latin word terra meaning earth or land (unchanged)

It was originally coined by the French to express a wine’s ‘sense of place’, and there is no English equivalent.  It encompasses the combination of variables in a vineyard that make that site unique. It includes soil, daylight hours, heat summation, elevation, orientation, rainfall (volume and spread) and the soil’s mineral composition.  All of this combines to produce the terroir, which has a major effect on the flavour profile and personality of the wine.

So a wine’s terroir is more than just its regionality. It is a complex mix of site – even where it is grown on the site – and a broad combination of nuances which form to give every wine its own unique personality.

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